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”Maximize System Expandability & Network Efficiency ”

Prewire Planning  

Schedule an in-home consultation or come by our office so we can sit down together and go though your floor plans or we can always come to the job site to walk though. We will work together to plan your homes low voltage wiring requirements.

Correctly wiring  your home not only maximizes your home's system expand ability, it also increases the overall value of your home and maximizes your systems efficiency!

Low Voltage Pre-Wire Experts! 

Retrofit Wiring 

Adding wiring into a finished space is a difficult task that you should leave to professionals to minimize damage and maximize quality.  

Types of Wiring

Network Wiring 
Home Networking has quickly become the most important system in the home after electrical wiring. A property installed and serviced Home Network has never been as important as it is today. Trust the professionals to setup your home networking needs and keep you connected!
• CAT 5 / CAT 6

Audio Wiring
There are several different considerations and options when it comes to choosing the correct audio wire - Run length, Impedance matching, wire gauge, directional vs non-direction, solid core, stranded etc...

Video Wiring 
HDMI has quickly become the standard in video. Long run video distribution requires baluns. 

Telephone Wiring
Residential / Commercial 

• Local Phone Wiring 
• Distributed Phone Wiring 
• Business Phone system wiring 
• Boardroom Phone Systems 

• Security Camera Wiring
• Motion Sensors
• Door/Window Contacts
• Glass Breaks
• Temperature Sensors
• Thermostat Wiring

Central Vac Rough In 
• Tubing / Low Voltage Wiring Installation
• Central Vacuum Canister Sales   
• Honeywell 
• Electrolux  

Pre Wire & Retrofit Smart Wiring: Services


Prewire & Retrofit Smart Wiring

Maximize your options for your Future! 

New Construction or Retrofit wiring; the experts at Modern Technologies can help you plan your homes low voltage wiring (network cabling, wifi, cable TV, satellite TV, speaker wires, security wires etc). Getting the correct wiring into your home not only maximizes your homes system expandability, it also increases the overall value of your home and maximizes your systems efficiency.

We are experts at system planning and fishing wires during a retrofit with little to no damage to your drywall!

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