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Home Theater: Services

Building your Perfect Home Theatre Room 

If you absolutely love moves, television, sports or live music concerts then the absolute best way to experience them would be in a dedicated home theatre room.  The most important part of a great home theatre room is the room itself.  Choosing or building a home theatre room that provides total control of light and acoustics is paramount to having a room that will provide you with the ultimate experience.  After the room is chosen or designed the professionals at Sounds Good can help you select the perfect speakers and projector/screen to fit the rooms needs, yours needs and your budget.

Movie Theater Experience

When you come to Modern Technologies for a dedicated home theatre room our goal it not only to bring the movie theatre experience into your home but also to surpass it.  While most people don’t have the space to have the giant screen size of a movie theatre almost everyone has the ability (when working with Sounds Good) to surpass the sound quality of the theatre by choosing speakers specifically for the space and dialing them into the exact seating location you choose each time you sit in your home theatre room.  Another important advantage of the home theatre room is that seating can be planned to maximize the audio and viewing experience for you and all your guests, whereas a movie theatre can only maximize audio and viewing for a few of their guests.  Your new dedicated theatre room will have your friends and family seeing, hearing and feeling new movies, television and live concerts in dramatic fashion as well as creating a whole new experience for old favorites!

Designing the room - Acoustics

People often ask us how important room acoustics are considering most home theatre receivers and amplifiers come with room correction microphones. At Sounds Good we ask you to consider it from this perspective. If you bought a brand new high quality piano and you brought it home and it did not sound right in the room it was in because of echo, reverberations or just bad acoustics, would you have a technicians start modifying the piano to sound better? Or would you make changing to the room to correct the damaging acoustic effects? At Sounds Good we consider the speakers and amplifiers we sell to be tuned and accurate just like that high end piano, and when we have a customer who chooses to build a dedicated home theatre room this gives us the opportunity to help guide them and educate them about how design and acoustics can merge to create the ultimate listening experience.


Projector Screen

Aspect Ratios 

What is Wide Screen?

You may have noticed that old tube televisions looked square and todays high definition televisions are rectangular.  Have you noticed that the screen at the movie theatre sometimes looks even wider then your high definition television? They Are!

The width and height of a television or projector screen is referred to as its aspect ratio.  Old tube televisions had a ratio or 4:3, meaning for every 4 inches the television was wide it was 3 inches tall.  High definition televisions have a ratio of 16:9. Television broadcasts in 16:9. Where over 80% of movies are filmed, displayed and released in a true wide screen ratio of 2.35:1.

If you want a truly authentic viewing experience in your home then a classic projector screen that is 2.35:1 is your absolute best choice! 

What is even better is that there are special lens options that us to fit the 16:9 high definition television broadcast onto your 2.35:1 widescreen projector screen with no distortion.  Ask your Sounds Good expert about the Panamorph UltraWide Home Theatre Projector Lenses!


Dedicated home theatre rooms need at least 2 speakers. Most would argue 5 but at Sounds Good we like to listen to our customer’s needs and help them design the perfect rooms. If you are the kind of person who is only going to watch live music films in your home theatre room you may want to forgo surround sound and spend your entire speaker budget on an outstanding pair of left and right speakers that will melt you with every performance you watch. However, if you are the type of person who wants to watch blockbuster films and experience the best that surround sound has to offer then even 5 speakers may not be enough! The latest technology to rock home theatre rooms is Dolby Atmos. Dolby Atmos requires upto 11 speakers in your home theatre room and will provide you with the absolute most immersive experience you could ever imagine. (for more information about Dolby Atmos, Please vist our Dolby Atmos Page). If your choose to go with the surround sound experience then you will require 3 speakers along the front wall, the left center and right speaker. The center speaker is very important because 75% of the dialogue comes from this speaker. The professionals at Sounds Good can help you choose the perfect position for this speaker so you and all the viewers in the room can clearly understand all the dialogue in the film or show. You will then need at least 2 surround speakers in the rear. With multiple rows of seating you may want to use 4 speakers in the rear and with a Dolby Atmos set-up you would need 6 to 8 speakers in the rear. This may seem overwhelming but the professionals at Sounds Good can make this layout and design very easy for you.


In addition to speakers, your home theatre room will require at least 1 subwoofer. Although many home theatre rooms will have up to 4 subwoofers.  The subwoofer provides the entire low-end boom that brings explosions to life and maximizes the intensity of movies and music.  Subwoofers are typically floor standing boxes about 12 inches by 12 inches, but if this does not fit into your theatre room design that is no problem as we have several in-wall and completely hidden options also. Depending on the size of room and budget requirements the experts at Sounds Good will select the best quality and valued subwoofer(s) for your theatre room to maximize your experience and match your budget.

Screens / Projectors

There are many different brands of televisions and theatre projectors / screens on the market today. At Sounds Good we make sure that we analyze the purpose of the room, take into consideration the specific room requirements and other several other room considerations before making appropriate product recommendations for your your theatre room.
Some brand we carry and recommend for televisions, theatre projectors & screens are: Panasonic, Samsung, SunBrite, Epson, Digital Projection, Sim2, Screen Innovations and more.....

Equipment & Rack

In 90% of the rooms Sounds Good help design and build we recommend and install the equipment (cable box, blu-ray, Apple-TV, amplifers etc) outside of the room where all equipment is installed in a professional AV rack to maximize ventilation. This equipment gets hot and we want to keep air moving around it to maximize its life span and performance.  We only require about 24 inches by 24 inches for the equipment rack so in most cases this storage space is easy to come by. 

Simple Control

The average dedicated home theatre room has 6-10 devices requiring remote control.  Trying to remember what buttons do what and what sequence to turn equipment on and off can be really annoying and in most cases prevents people from even using their dedicated home theatre rooms.  Thankfully, the professional at Sounds Good include a universal remote control with every home theatre design.  This universal remote control is custom programmed for your unique home theatre room and you individual needs.  Turning on and off and controlling your home theatre experience will be as simple as using a light switch, this is our guarantee to you.

Your Home Theater Room

Whatever you home theatre room dream might be, the professionals at Sounds Good can help!  A trip to the movie theatre is just not what it used to be…the concession food is so expensive, tickets are expensive and you almost never get good seats.  Now imagine buying the new blockbuster movie either on its release date or pre-release on Apple TV, you know you are going to get the best seats in the house and the snack food your personal favorite!  You can have all of this in a dedicated home theatre room where family and friends can spend quality time together at home.


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