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Simple Control  •  Clean Aesthetic  •  Improved Efficiency

Let's be honest no one loves those banks of five (5) or six (6) light switches...any interior designer can tell you they are ugly and take away from any rooms overall design. The way to avoid those banks of lights is with a well-designed lighting control system during a renovation or the construction of your home.  Each of the necessary switches can be hidden away and replaced with a multi-button keypad that can control the individual light fixtures or groups of fixtures. We can customize lighting scenes to have certain fixtures come on to specific light levels.

Lighting Control: Services

Lighting systems service three (3) main purposes: 

They allow for simple control over the lighting in your home

They allow for a clean aesthetic in the home

They improve the efficiency of your home and save you money  

Simplify and Maximize

When you combine lighting zones into single button presses you maximize the use of the lighting you have added to your home.  We bet you can think of lighting in your home that never gets used because the switch is inconveniently located or another source of light suffices.  But you wanted that light for a reason and if it could come on or off easily then you could make better use of it.  In addition, the experts at Sounds Good can create single button press scenes, such as a romance scene, relaxation, party or cooking scene that can bring on specific lights to set the perfect mood of the room you want to the level of brightness that makes sense.


Lighting systems can drastically improve the electrical efficiency of your home.  The experts at Modern Technologies can make this happen in three (3) ways.  First we set all your light fixtures to only turn on to 60% max.  This alone saves over 60% on your electrical cost.  Second, we will put certain lighting on timers that come on and turn off based on actual sunrise and sunset.  We can also create timers to turn off lights after a specific time, like 1am.  Third, we can add motion sensors. These sensors can make sure lights turn off when the room is not in use, and come on when you need them automatically.


Lighting systems can add a whole new level of security to you home.  One of our favorite examples is a panic scene we create quite often. Imagine you are sleeping and you can hear an intruder in your home.  You want to give yourself the best possible defense from this intruder. You press the panic button, instantly the police are notified, every light in your home turns on to full  (blinding the intruder), your bedroom stays dark (giving you a vision advantage if they approach the room), and every lighting on the exterior of your homes starts flashing so the police can clearly identify the house instead of searching for your specific house number it will be 100% obvious where they need to be.  This is only one example of how a lighting system can improve your safety immensely while also providing the other wonderful feature mentioned above.

Lighting control systems for New and existing homes

Modern Technologies works closely with the RadioRa2 system from Lutron, as well as Control4's Lighting Control System.

These systems uses a proprietary wireless technology that lets the experts at Modern Technologies design systems for new build or existing homes.  In the existing homes we simply replace the existing light switches or dimmers.  This is an excellent option that ends up saves thousands of dollars in the overall system costs.  Lighting systems should be seriously considered for all homes over 4000 square feet in order to simply the use of outdoor lighting, security lighting and primary paths of light throughout the home.  However, even in smaller homes a basic system consisting of as little as five (5) dimmers can help simplify turning on zones of lighting in addition to improving security with the use of system timers.

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